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“Be careful up ahead! I fell in on the floating bog bridges.” What did that guy just say? The FLOATING bog bridges? As we would soon find out first hand the trail between Feldspar Lean-to and Lake Arnold is prone to flooding. Scratch that…has become a permanent 5-10 foot deep swamp. Some years ago ADK trail crews attempted to build bog bridges to get hikers across. But as water continued to rise the bridges have started floating and disintegrating.

This is part three of our 4 day hike in the Pecos Wilderness - New Mexico. Read Part One - Hiking to Lake Johnson. and Part Two - Lake Katharine.What is it about water we find so amazing. We are drawn to it in nature in all its forms. Low lying fog, sun shining through morning dew, a mountain stream or an alpine lake. No matter what form it takes, water fascinates us. An amazing view is made that much more amazing

With all the fires burning and trails closing I started thinking about what I would do if caught hiking in a wildfire. I did a little research, consulted the US Forest Service, and a local fire marshal to find out what is the appropriate course of action when caught outdoors in a wildfire. Be Aware of Active Fires and Fire Danger:Before you set out to go hiking, camping, or backpacking check local conditions for fire danger and active fires in

"Have you wanted to take your family on a camping trip, but you didn't feel you knew everything you might need to know to have a successful camping experience?" Texas Parks and Wildlife is offering a multitude of Outdoor Family workshops designed to give your family hands-on experience learning basic outdoor skills. Your family will be able to camp for the first time (or after a long hiatus) without needing to buy expensive gear. Texas Outdoor Family workshops are hosted

The morning of our second day in the high Chisos mountains my friend and I decided to summit the Highest Mountain in Big Bend. At 7825 feet high, Emory Peak is the highest point in the Chisos Mountain Range. The Chisos Mountains Range is the third highest range in Texas and is completely contained inside Big Bend National Park’s boundary.Emory Peak from the SouthWe woke up early Saturday morning and packed up camp in a hurry. We were on the

Big Bend National Park’s South Rim in the Chisos Mountains is one of the best known hikes in Texas. As a Texas native I was way overdue a visit. So on the first weekend of spring break a friend and I planned a two night backpack along the South Rim. A view from Big Bend's and The Chisos Mountains' South Rim We woke up early Friday morning and began the four hour drive from Midland to Big Bend. Spring Break is Big

The Nature Conservancy’s Independence Creek Preserve is hosting an open preserve weekend March 18-20th. "The public is invited to camp, swim in the lakes, hike, picnic, catch-and-release fishing, explore the creek, bird watch and other activities at their leisure. Go and enjoy the onset of spring amid the beauty of a natural oasis in the wilds of West Texas. Independence Creek Independence Creek is a major tributary of the Pecos river. Fed by the Caroline Spring the creek flows

Photo by: Mike Swanson, Appalachian Trail ConservancyHow many of us have ever dreamed of the perfect outdoor job? Getting paid to hike, camp, or backpack seems too good to be true. But for the right person it could be a dream come true. The Appalachian Trail Conservancy is currently accepting application for 2011 Rdigerunners and Caretakes. Ridgerunners are assigned to hike specific sections of the A.T., while Caretakers remain at specific overnight sites.According to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC): ATC