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Trail Review

Guadalupe peak is the highest point in Texas at 8,749 feet. Last April a good friend and I set out to summit on a two day backpacking trip. The hike to the peak can actually be done in a fast day trip with the trail to the top lasting just over 4 miles. A group of teens and I once made it to the peak and back in less than five hours one unusually cold august day. But this last

Sunday morning I had the opportunity to hike in Cade’s Cove. I woke up shortly before first light and got dressed for a cold winter hike. I took the short drive from our hotel in Townsend, TN to the entrance of the auto loop in Cade’s Cove. I decided to hike to Abram’s Falls for a number of reasons. One, I always love a good waterfall. It seems no matter how many photos I have of falling water I always