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“Be careful up ahead! I fell in on the floating bog bridges.” What did that guy just say? The FLOATING bog bridges? As we would soon find out first hand the trail between Feldspar Lean-to and Lake Arnold is prone to flooding. Scratch that…has become a permanent 5-10 foot deep swamp. Some years ago ADK trail crews attempted to build bog bridges to get hikers across. But as water continued to rise the bridges have started floating and disintegrating.

All my life, I have dreamed of going to Yellowstone National Park. So this summer after winning a trip to Glacier National Park we decided to drop south and visit Yellowstone for a few days. I was disappointed. Which may seem sacrilegious for an outdoors blog, but Yellowstone simply couldn’t live up to 30 years of expectations cooked up in my mind. Had I had time or energy to venture deep into the backcountry I might have felt different, but

We were looking for a short hike that my parents and children could go on. We had spent the night on the east side of Glacier National park and had seen signs for “Sun Point” and "Sunrift Gorge" just off Going to the Sun Road. We were intrigued and decided to go see what it was, maybe a suitable place for a picnic. View of St. Mary Lake from Sun PointWhat we found was a short hike to three different

This is Day Two of our Five Day Backpack in Glacier National Park. Click here to read a report on Day One. I’m lying down, face up, on the rocky shore of a remote alpine lake. Nearby I hear the sound of water falling 1,500 feet into the cold, turquoise, lake . For now the sun is warm, the breeze is welcome, and I believe I have found heaven on earth. My first view of Lake Francis It is the end of our

In early 2010 I entered and won, a contest hosted by Agion Active. My prize? An all expense paid trip to Glacier National Park through Glacier Guides. All year long I waited patently for what ended up being the trip of a lifetime. So in early August my wife and I took a Guided 5 day backpack through Glacier’s Backcountry. We started at the head of Waterton Lake and traveled 26 miles over Brown’s Pass to the foot of Bowman

I have just recently returned from an extended vacation that took my family and I all the way to Glacier National Park, up into Waterton Lakes National Park in Canada, down to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons and finally through Arches National Park in Utah before finally coming home. This trip marked the end of a long and busy summer that has unfortunately kept me from blogging as often as I would like.You may remember my pleas for you votes last

Since I moved out to West Texas and was introduced to the Guadalupe Mountains, I have wanted to visit Sitting Bull Falls. The Guadalupe Mountains form the highest mountains in Texas and are the focus of the Guadalupe Mountains National Park. The mountains extend into New Mexico creating the Guadalupe District of Lincoln National Forest. In this “forest” is a rare desert stream that cascades 130 feet over Sitting Bull Falls.Sitting Bull Falls We decided we would head out for a day

In an amazing turn of events Texas may actually see an increase in public access to the pristine Devil's River. You may recall my frantic plea for help last October when paddlers almost lost all public access to the Devil's River. At that time Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) was considering a land swap/purchase involving the current Devil's River State Natural Area and what is known as Devil's River Ranch. This land swap/purchase proposal was bad news for Texas

Last Friday I took my nine year old daughter on her first backpacking trip. We headed down to Lost Maples State Natural Area (SNA) for a short one night trip.Entrance to Lost Maples State Natural AreaThis time of year Lost Maples is alive with fall color and we hoped to take it all in. With this being my daughter’s first backpacking trip I was real worried about mileage. But Lost Maples SNA provided the perfect place.We arrived at Lost Maples