Full day of Taos Skiing

I experienced a full day of Taos skiing today. We started out the day with some light powder which quickly became choppy before lunch. We had light snow showers on and off the whole day. Clouds would come in and dance with the mountain, sometimes limiting visibility, but mostly creating spectacular views. The valley is beautiful. I look forward to another full day of skiing.

Kachina Peak (12,481 feet) and Wheeler (13,167 feet) in the background

I spent most of the day switching out different skis. I started out with a pair of Salomon Teneighty Gun skis. I traded them in for some K2 Apaches once the snow started packing down. The K2’s were real sticky (I’m not sure they had waxed them at all). Toward the end of the day I decided to try some old school Kastles that I had brought from home. The Kastles were too long and would grab the choppy stuff with every turn. I have now settled on some Volkl AC30’s which I have skied before and really like. Tomorrow ought to be a much better day.