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DIY Gear

Why am soaking my down jacket in a near freezing stream AGAIN?  Because this time I want to see if the jacket I spent $12 on can perform as well as a $270 jacket.  You may remember my post from a few weeks ago where I took this expensive jacket with specialty treated down and soaked it in near-freezing water to see if it could still keep me warm. Well, I did it again, but this time instead of relying on expensive factory-treated

I just came back from a trip and started to unload my gear. I was tired of all my gear laying haphazerdly in the top of my closet where I couldn't find anything. So I took the time to organize my gear. Nothing Special but someone might enjoy it anyway.Tent to the left, Cookware and food on top. Propane, stove, water filter, and bear spray on the second level Left. Rain cover, fire starter, toilet paper right. . Sleeping pads,

Photography is important to me. As a result I always have a big heavy DSLR with me when I hike. Carrying such a large bulky camera has proved difficult. I like to keep my camera ready so I can take a picture at a moment’s notice. But carrying the camera in my pack is inconvenient and I find myself skipping pictures I would normally take because I don’t want to dig my camera out of the pack.Me with the