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Gear Closet Organization

I just came back from a trip and started to unload my gear. I was tired of all my gear laying haphazerdly in the top of my closet where I couldn’t find anything. So I took the time to organize my gear. Nothing Special but someone might enjoy it anyway.

Tent to the left, Cookware and food on top. Propane, stove, water filter, and bear spray on the second level Left. Rain cover, fire starter, toilet paper right. . Sleeping pads, first aid kit, yaktrax, lower level left. Stuff sacks and rain gear lower level right.  

Overall View
Camelbak Blatters Hung to dry
Transpack with Ski Boots and Helmet inside. Two Uncompressed Kelty Down Bags, Salomon Hiking Boots.
Dueter Kid Carrier 2
Packs and Jackets

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Hopefully this gives you some ideas for your own gear organization.

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  • Greg

    March 19, 2012

    Ha! You're very organised! I would be ashamed to show photos of my hiking gear 'storage'. It consists of a big pile in a spare room. No wonder I forget stuff when I go outdoors 🙂

  • Steven Smith

    March 19, 2012

    You should have seen mine before this. All the wife will let me have is one closet and the gerage. I'm not comfortable with my stuff in gerage so it all gets shoved in the closet. Until this weekend it was a huge mess.

  • Sonja

    March 19, 2012

    Yep, my gear closet is very jealous of yours. But my husband mentioned he had extra OSB left over from another project, so maybe I can get some extra shelves in my closet — that would help tremendously! The problem is my backpacks and sleeping bag et al., have to share with christmas decorations (which we never use, we are always gone), a telescope, and boxes of old photos and negatives. But now I'm inspired to go through all that junk some more and see what else I can throw out!

  • Steven Smith

    March 19, 2012

    What I really lack is a good place to hang the bags and unroll the sleeping pads. Sleeping bags need to hung inside out and allowed to dry after use. Sleeping pads really should be stored flat and uncompressed. I have no good place to do either. So the bags get hung from my bedroom ceiling for the first few days after a trip, then they end up in these cotton storage sacks from Kelty. (This drives my wife crazy, she says they look like giant bats hanging from the ceiling and that they scare our children.) The Sleeping pads only get unrolled right before I sleep on them.

  • Andrew Bishop

    March 20, 2012

    Hmmm. You're either going to have to stop acquiring gear or get a bigger closet! (I know which option I would take 😉 )

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