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Yaktrax Pro Review – Spring into Adventure Gear Giveaway

I can remember the first time I encountered ice on the trail. I was hiking near Colorado Springs. Daytime temperatures were warm enough to melt lingering snow, while night time temperatures were cold enough to freeze it again. For the first half of the hike the trail stayed on northern facing slopes which kept the snow cold even in the heat of the day. I was nearly 3 miles in when I first hit the ice, slipped and fell. I had 3 more miles to go with ice covering the trail every few feet. It was going to be a long hike out. What I really needed were some Yaktrax.

Yaktrax Pro in action

So when Yaktrax approached me about doing a review I was excited to say yes. Yaktrax are a unique product that stretch small springs under the sole of your boots. The springs do an excellent job of griping the ice, giving you confidence as you walk.

Yaktrax Pro

I recently got back from a ski trip in central Colorado. Once again spring time temperatures were melting the snow in the day and freezing it back at night. I found this to be the worst in the parking lot at the ski slope. In the early mornings the entire lot was solid ice. I pulled on my brand new Yaktrax and walked across the ice with ease. It wasn’t so easy for friends. In fact, the icy parking lot was downright scary in places.

Yaktrax Pro Strap

Once we got up to the lodge I started to change into my ski boots. Some friends saw the little springs under my feet and asked what they were. I explained their purpose to my friend’s amazement. They had just experienced first hand the need for good traction on ice.

Yaktrax Pro have Coiled Springs for Traction on Ice

The next day was when I became really impressed with the Yaktrax. My two year old daughter was coming with us to the slopes. We arrived in the parking lot to the same conditions as before, but this time I had to carry my daughter safely to the lodge, while simultaneously carrying skis and a heavy pack. I knew the potential to slip and become unbalanced was great. One slip and I could drop my daughter on the ice. I pulled on my yaktrax Pro and carried everything with ease. Snow and ice crunching under my coiled springs.

Yaktrax Pro

Needless to say I am quite impressed with the Yaktrax Pro. I haven’t had the opportunity yet to hike an icy trail, but can see how the Yaktrax Pro would do an excellent job. They seem very durable, after putting them on at the car, I kept them on through a variety of terrain including, mud, rock, cement, carpet and more. The yaktrax Pro endured it all staying firmly in place under my shoes. I even drove home with them on the first day, I really didn’t mind having them on even with no ice to navigate. The only time I took them off was in the afternoons when all the ice had turned to mud. Time will tell if they hold up after extended use. The box claims “Improved 20% More Durable” which suggests to me they have had issues or complaints about durability in the past.

The Yaktrax Silicone does a great job of Griping the sides of your shoes tight.

The Yaktrax Pro consist of stretchy silicone that stretches tightly across the bottom of your boots. They have two sets of springs crisscrossing along the bottom and a velcro strap that stretches over the toe of the shoe to keep them on tight. Yaktrax advertises their Spike-less design which would seem preferable, especially around children and indoors. They specifically say “Not for Indoor Use” but I can’t see the harm other then scratching up your floor. They are easy to pull on and off and fold up for easy storage. They are lightweight and take up very little room. If there is ever the possibility of ice on the trail I will not hesitate to trow them in my pack.

Yaktrax Pro

Do you want your very own pair of Yaktrax Pro? We are giving a pair away as part of our Spring into Adventure Cold Week Giveaway along with many other great prizes.. Click here to enter.

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  • Rita Wechter

    March 18, 2012

    Yaktrax is a wonderful invention. I've used a pair to walk on icy streets in my hometown, and also to hike an icy trail in Bryce Canyon National Park in January.
    I wouldn't leave home without 'em!
    Rita Wechter

  • Steven Smith

    March 19, 2012

    How long have you had them? How well do they hold up after extended use?

  • Rita Wechter

    March 19, 2012

    I've had my pair of yaktrax for a little over a year and have only used them five or six times (although I always carry them with me!). After use I have been rinsing the mud and/or road salt off of them and they have held up well—but I realize that this could hardly be considered extended use. Also I might add that in our very dry climate, rust is not a problem after rinsing the yaktrax; a stiff bristle brush may work as well for removing dirt, etc.

  • Greene Adventures

    March 20, 2012

    My wife and I have been looking for something like these ever since we had to turn around because of ice during a day hike on the Appalachian Trail! http://www.greeneadventures.com/2011/11/20/exploring-the-smokies-newfound-gap-road-to-the-appalachian-trail-and-clingmans-dome/

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