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January 2011

 Trip Reports: Ryan tell's us about Lemah MeadowsJoshua hikes to the summit of Pu'u Kaiwipo'oSome cool photos on Tarmachan MountaineeringI hiked the Crater Rim Trail on Capulin Volcano, NM Ryan's view on the PCTJason and Scott snowshoe out to Coldrain pondSyivia snowshoes along North Ten Mile Creek Steve breaks trail on Liberty Spring TrailJason runs the Rocky Ridge, Brookbank, Little Gnarly, Schultz Creek LoopGear:Scout Master Minute Helps us choose SnowshoesJason reviews the Gobspark Armageddon Fire SteelBrian compares cord weight, strength,

Capulin Volcano National Monument is located in the High Plains of New Mexico in the Raton-Clayton Volcanic Field. While driving home from Colorado my family and I stopped in to see this once active volcano and do some light hiking. From the visitor center you can drive up the 2 mile long paved road to the lower volcano rim. From there two paved hiking trails invite you to explore the volcano’s crater.At the entrance to Capulin Volcano National Monument When I

Marmot Has announced their Grand Teton Dream Climb Contest. Marmot will award a vacation for two to the winning video producer. To enter, submit a two-minute video in which you and a friend describe yourselves and explain why you should be chosen for the Grand Prize. If chosen, the person submitting the winning video will be deemed the Winner, and you and your video making friend will participate in, the Grand Teton climbing expedition.Prize Details:* Four-day Grand

Learning how to use a map and compass is an invaluable skill. Sometimes different compass techniques can be confusing and easy to mix up in your head. For instance when taking a magnetic barring do you line the orienting arrow with the magnetic needle or with the grid lines on the map? When trying to follow a bearing in fog do you align the orienting arrow with the grid lines or is it the magnetic needle. In both cases it

Lately I have been really enjoying Hendrik's regular blog posts titled "The Week in Review." It has given me an opportunity to find new blogs I really enjoy as well as discover some posts I otherwise might have missed. Reading his week in review posts have inspired me to do the same. So here is my first week in review post. I would like to post one every week. I can't guarantee I will

 As many of you know I had the opportunity to test Agion Active’s new Anti-stink technology. As a result I was entered into a contest and won a vacation to Glacier National Park. Now agion Active is being marketed in the outdoor apparel industry.It was announced yesterday that Woolrich has partnered with Agion Active to market a new line of Woolrich Anti-stink Merino and polyester blend base layers. Jerry Rinder, Woolrich VP of Sales and Marketing said:“While wool has the

While in Colorado Springs for a work related conference I managed to sneak off one morning to do a little hiking. Among the foothills of Pikes Peak is a wonderful little county trail. Section 16 or the Palmer Loop is six mile trail that offers a little bit of everything. Great views of Garden of the gods, a (frozen) mountain stream, and outstanding views of Colorado’s Front Range.Colorado's Front Range glowing red in the morning sun.I woke up early and

Cascade Designs, the parent company of MSR, Therm-a-Rest, Platypus, and SealLine, announced a new all-season NeoAir mattress. In 2009 the Therm-a-Rest three-season NeoAir won acclaim due to two new technologies: a multi-layer Reflective Barrier and Triangular Core Matrix. These technologies are said to dramatically boost warmth by minimizing thermal heat transfer. The Reflective Barrier radiates heat back to the user while reducing conductive heat loss to the ground. The Triangular Core Matrix technology utilizes hundreds of individual cells to

Photography is important to me. As a result I always have a big heavy DSLR with me when I hike. Carrying such a large bulky camera has proved difficult. I like to keep my camera ready so I can take a picture at a moment’s notice. But carrying the camera in my pack is inconvenient and I find myself skipping pictures I would normally take because I don’t want to dig my camera out of the pack.Me with the