The Week in Review – January 23, 2011

Lately I have been really enjoying Hendrik’s regular blog posts titled “The Week in Review.” It has given me an opportunity to find new blogs I really enjoy as well as discover some posts I otherwise might have missed. Reading his week in review posts have inspired me to do the same. So here is my first week in review post. I would like to post one every week. I can’t guarantee I will…but I will try.

Greg’s view from Federation Hut

So without further adue…here are some posts that caught my eye this week.

Trip Reports:

Greg hiked Harrietville to Federation Hut. And had a run in at the grocery store.

Karl hiked The Gonic Trails in New Hampshire and found some interesting ice.

Tim and Robyn drove to Carvers Gap, visited an old historic fort, and checked out the AT

The Griffis Family Hiked along Rapid River in Idaho.

Granola Girl left the trail to avoid some pneumonia

I hiked Section 16 Palmer Loop in Colorado Springs

KB hikes in the snow with R and K

Susan drove past Donnelly Dome, Alaska

Susan and Lori drive 320 miles across Alaska in -34 below temps

Ryan writes about his Labor day experience at Chinook Pass and Rods Gap on the PCT

Rat bushwhacks out to the edge of a cliff he calls “Stonehenge.” (Recommended Read)

Jason ran up Elden Lookout Road

Jer explores the Iron Goat Trail

Steve Smith (great name) visits a beaver pond area on Cheney Brook

Jal goes searching for traces of Native Americans in Sheep Canyon

Griffis Family along Rapid River ID

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4 thoughts on “The Week in Review – January 23, 2011”

  1. Hey Steven,

    I like it! I've been following Hendrik's WIR too. Thanks for mentioning me in your! It's appreciated. Great way to check out new blogs that aren't on your blogroll normally!


  2. Karl,

    Thank you for blogging great content! I have re-added you to my blogroll. Somehow when I switched over to the new domain it wiped my blogroll and I just now noticed.

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