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Santos Taqueria – Mason, Texas

In the little town of Mason, Texas on hwy 87 there is a little restaurant called Santos Taqueria. Built out of an old gas station, Santos seems to fade into the background of this small rustic town. If your not looking for it, its likely that you will miss it. Once you taste it, however, you will never forget it.

It’s not big, nor is it fancy; there is more seating available outside than there is in, and its likely to be full any given day of the week. There may be a wait and a line out the door but Santos is worth your time. I remember the first time I ate at Santos. Some friends and I had gone down to the Llano river for a overnight paddle trip and stopped in Mason for lunch on the way down. We ordered some Blanco Quaso and chips and it was love at first bite. We spent that night camping on the banks of the river, cooking fresh fish over an open fire. But Santos was on all of our minds and kept coming up in conversation. All of us could hardly wait till we could go back. So the next day, fresh of the water, dirty, smelly, and even a little wet we went straight back to Santos for dinner and ordered the same things we had for lunch the day before.

Fajita Gordita from Santos Taqueria

So this last week, after working up an appetite on Enchanted Rock, I knew Mason was only 45 minutes away. Well worth the time it would take to get there I headed Northwest from Fredericksburg. This time, thanks to Agion Active, only half of me smelt bad. I ordered the Beef Fajita Gordita and sat down to enjoy my meal alone. Every bite was a little taste of heaven. Two Gordita pockets stuffed full of beef, green peppers, and grilled onions. Add a little sour cream on top and you will know why Santos has been recognized by Texas Monthly Magazine and the Austin Chronicle. One Gordita pocket was enough to fill me up. I put the other in a to go box hoping it would last the three hour drive home, so I could eat it another time.


  • Dobbs

    March 7, 2010

    That looks really good. I might have to go eat out and get some fajitas tomorrow.

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