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Liftopia.com – Discount Lift Ticket Site – Review

Last week as I was preparing for a ski trip in Durango, CO. I came across a great little discount site. I was trying to save some money and was searching the internet for some discount lift ticket coupons. What I found was Liftopia.com.

The best way I can describe Liftopia is through comparison. I’m sure you have all heard of and even used discount hotel/flight sites like Priceline and Travelocity. Liftopia is similar to those sites in that they sell discount lift tickets at 30% to 90% off the ticket window price. Liftopia is able to get the discounts they do by “giving alpine resorts the ability to sell advance-purchase, date-specific tickets, rentals, lessons and more, while still maintaining complete control over both the price and the quantity of items available for any given day.” For us this means we can lock in some great prices if we are willing to purchase non-refundable, date-specific tickets.

Preparing for my Purgatory ski trip I bought a 2-day adult lift ticket for $95 on Liftopia. By doing this I saved close to $40 under ticket window prices. Liftopia sent me a e-mail with my confirmation info. I was instructed to print off the e-mail and present it (with my ID) at the will call window on the first day of skiing. I arrived at Purgatory’s will call window early Saturday morning. As I approached the lady behind the desk asked “Liftopia? What is your name?” I told her my name and she handed me my ticket (without asking to check my ID). I really couldn’t believe it was that easy. I was ecstatic to receive the price I did and pleased that it was actually less hassle then buying a ticket at the window.

Liftopia currently sells lift tickets, rentals, lessons and more at over 150 alpine resorts across North America and even some resorts in Europe, Australia, and South America. They are constantly trying to expand the number of resorts they service. It is easy to search for tickets by region, state, or resort name.

Next time you are planning a ski-trip and are willing to jump through some minor hoops. Give Liftopia a try…I doubt you will be disappointed.

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  • Gp4raiders

    January 24, 2012

    Terrible Company. Used one time. The resort was limited to one Bunny run during high winds. Even though there was a group of us they would still not refund our money.

  • Steven Smith

    January 25, 2012

    I think you are being unfair. Liftopia clearly states the tickets are non-refundable. That is how they are able to offer such great prices. It is not their fault the wind was blowing. If you should be mad at anyone it should be the resort. They, if anyone, would have been the ones who should have refunded your money. Not Liftopia.

  • disqus_9G08jMgzYs

    March 26, 2013

    My gripe with Liftopia is that the "savings", at least in some cases, is complete BS. I was looking at a multi-day ski pass and they were advertising a 13% savings. Logically, you would think that this is the savings as compared to buying directly from the ski resort. But in reality, the "savings" is compared to buying multiple single-day passes (which is, of course, absurd) at the mountain on the day you're skiing (not in advance online). And if it's not bad enough, the alleged "savings" is before they tack on "taxes and fees"! In the end, the REAL savings was not 13%–it was ZERO!!

    Again, I will say in all fairness that there may be cases where they can actually save you money–I don't know–but it was my experience that their claim of savings was not only untrue, it was downright deceptive. So look closely at the bottom line and proceed with caution!

    Also mildly interesting: I posted a review on their site pointing all this out, and rather than respond to the post, they just quietly deleted it. Guess I hit a nerve.

  • D

    February 20, 2014

    My trip was canceled for circumstances out of my control. I was told anything short of a doctors notice would be insufficient to receive a refund. I asked if I could switch the lift tickets to my local mountain – Nope. Bummed next time I'll save myself a headache and spend the extra $5-$10 at the lift ticket window.

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