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My Life Outdoors

My Life Outdoors Now Available on Kindle

My Life Outdoors is now available in the Kindle Store for monthly subscription fee of $.99. I would have offered to you for free, but Amazon wouldn’t let me. So if it is more convenient for you to receive My Life Outdoors on your Kindle, downloaded so you can read it even when you are away from your internet connection, it is now available for the low low price of $11.88 a year. Of which I will only receive 30%. But I’m not doing it for the money…I’m doing it for your connivence.

If you are interested you can search My Life Outdoors in the Kindle Store. Or follow this link: My Life Outdoors for Kindle.

If you are interested in publishing your blog through Kindle’s Blog Service the process is simple. You will need to set up a Kindle Publishing Account and give them your tax ID and Bank Account info. Then provide your blog’s RSS feed, a description, a screenshot, and then wait for Amazon’s approval process. I was up in just a day or so…though Amazon never told me when I was approved…I just happened to look a couple of days after I applied and saw that I was already in the Kindle Store. Oh and Amazon sets the price they believe is fair for your Blog. Most of the ones I have seen are $.99 a month.

I got the idea from Hiking The Trail. Adam’s in the Kindle Store too.

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