Balmorhea State Park Closed Due To Health Concerns

Balmorhea State Park closed Sunday after severl people broke out in rashes resembling dozens of small bites after swiming in the springs. TPWD is unsure of the source of these bites and has closed the pool for safety reasons. Officials are sampling and studying all aspects for a possible source. The pool will remain closed until answers can be found.

Balmorhea is a beautiful spring fed pool just a few hours drive from our home. My family and I have visited the park many times trying to escape the harsh W.E.S.T. Texas heat. With no other attractions it is certain the small community of Balmorhea will suffer until the pool is reopened.

If you would like to read more about Balmorhea and my families visits there please click here.

Or you can watch this video from our Balmorhea Visits:

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