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Gerber Octane Review – Spring into Adventure Gear Giveaway

Gerber Knives has a large variety of multi-tools all intended for different purposes. I recently had the opportunity to review the Gerber Octane given by the generous people at OutdoorPros.com. The Gerber Octane is a simple tool with a knife, pliers with wire cutters, slot and phillips screwdrivers, a small package opening blade (designed for those hard to open plastic packages)a belt clip, and a bottle opener.

Gerber Octane
Gerber Octane all Tools

The Octane is exceptionally light weight, under 6 ounces, which is always a plus with weight minded backpackers. The Octane has all the tools you commonly need on the job or at home. In my opinion, that is the tool’s intended environment as I find the it lacking some of the features I would like to have in the backcountry or even car camping.

I have carried the Octane clipped into my pocket for several weeks now. I like how all the tools lock into place to keep them from closing accidentally during use. The pliers slide open rather than folding like others I have used. This has proved useful for quick one handed access. I can open the pliers with a flick of my wrist. It has a tendency to bind, however, if the tool isn’t completely closed. This is annoying when you are trying to get the pliers open and have to fiddle with it to get them to slide easily.

Gerber Octane Pliers

The pliers slide out on the Gerber Octane

The blade is on the outside of the tool allowing access without opening the pliers. To access the various screwdrivers and such you must slide the pliers open as the tool will not open with the pliers closed.

Gerber Octane Blade

All and all the Octane is an affordable everyday milti-tool. If you would like to own one you have the opportunity to win one in this weeks Spring into Adventure gear Giveaway. This Gerber octane is one of many prizes in our grand prize package for Backcountry week. Click here to enter.

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