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After writing yesterdays post I started thinking about how I would go about filling a complaint concerning the perceived monopoly run on the Devil’s River by Gerald Bailey. I looked on the TPWD website and found steps for filling a complaint. I am struggling if I should or not.

On the one hand I feel that it is an injustice that the land owners on the Devils River should be required to use Gerald any time they want to do a river trip when his involvement is completely unnecessary. It seems to be some kind of “good o’l boy” arrangement between the rangers at Devils River State Natural Area and Gerald. But on the other hand I do need to use Gerald from time to time for shuttle needs. I would hate it if my complaint closed certain sections of the Devils (mainly the Natural area and Blue Sage water crossing) to the paddling public.

You might be thinking…”Get some guts” but the Devils is just too precious to lose. Maybe I should just forget it ever happened.