Camp Blue Haven

I have recently applied to teach youth at Camp Blue Haven near Las Vegas, New Mexico. I do not know yet if I will be accepted, but if I am I will get the opportunity to work for one week this summer with teenagers ranging from the fifth grade to recent high school graduates.

Camp Blue Haven sprawls over 1,100 acres in the heart of Sangre de Cristo mountain range. The camp has an abundance of rugged mountain terrain covered in pine, spruce and aspen. The Blue and the Tecolote streams flow through camp which borders the Santa Fe National Forest. I am excited about the opportunity and look forward to working with the youth. I will update here as time comes closer.

2 thoughts on “Camp Blue Haven”

  1. Here I as looking for pictures of west texas when I ran across your page. My daughters just got back from Camp Blue Haven after the 6th session. Did you get to teach? Best wishes.

  2. I did get to teach and had a great time. I also got to do some great hiking while I was there which I hope to post about soon.

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