Is Global Warming Real?

Who is to say for sure? I have to admit I have always been a little skeptical of the Global warming bandwagon. Its not that I don’t believe in protecting the earth. Or that mankind has a tremendous impact. I am just a little skeptical when everyone starts to jump one aspect of the very broad issue of conservation.

Well now I read On Walkabout that temperature data all over the world is being manipulated to make it look like the world is a hotter than it actually is.

Thermometers that once existed in historically cooler, higher altitude climates are being replaced by historically warmer, lower altitude climates. The number of thermometers and even temperature sample sizes are decreasing as much as 75%.

These are the same datasets, incidentally, which serve as primary sources of temperature data not only for climate researchers and universities worldwide, but also for the many international agencies using the data to create analytical temperature anomaly maps and charts.

People we are being scammed…or at least it seems to look that way.

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