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Lost Mine Trail – Big Bend National Park, Texas

The Lost Mine trail is one of the shorter hikes available in Big Bend National Park. It receives its name from legend that claims a secret mine once existed in the area. Legend says workers were blindfolded before being brought to the mine to work in order that they could not disclose its location. To my knowledge no one has ever found the lost mine, but if you have only a short time to visit Big Bend, Lost Mine Trail should be on the top of your list.

Green Gulch viewed from the Lost Mine Trail

My family and I set off on the trail one late afternoon in May. We didn’t have much time before the sundown, but decided we would go as far as we could before dark. Although there is potential to gain over 1000 feet of elevation on this hike you don’t really feel like you are climbing. The climb up Lost Mine Trail is gradual and some might even say relaxing. On the trail you get wonderful views of Green Gulch to the north as well as Casa Grande peak (7325 feet) to the south. Once you reach the “Lookout” you can take in magnificent views of Juniper Canyon to the southeast.

Along the way we saw many examples of BIBE native plant life and wildlife.

A Road Runner that crossed our path on the Lost Mine Trail

The trail stops short of Lost Mine Peak (7550 feet) and we never made it to the end before needing to turn back. As we headed back down the trail we watched the sun set over the Chisos Mountains. It was a good thing we turned back when we did…we made it back to trail head just after dark.

Juniper Canyon viewed from the “Lookout” 
The Lost Mine Trail and Casa Grande (7325 feet) in the background

Sun Setting in the Chisos Mountains

I use both the Map and Book featured below when planning my trips to Big Bend. I highly remomend them to anyone wishing to hike there. Buy them through these links and help support MyLifeOutdoors.