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My Anti-Stink Shirt Came Today

I received my Active Agion Anti-Stink shirt today. Read my previous post to find out more about what Active Agion Anti-Stink is all about. It seems like a nice shirt, well made, a little thin, but breathable.

There is a large seem that runs down the middle of the shirt. I assume to divide the anti-stink treated side from the stinky side. The shirt came with a card that labeled the different treated sides. Only problem is which way am I to read the card? Looking at the card, which would make the anti-stink side on my left? Or holding the card the same way I am standing which would make my right anti-stink? I guess I will find out once I start to stink on one side and not the other.

A description card that came with the shirt.

I am headed out for some fun this weekend so I should get to test it soon. Inspector 49 was a little sticker happy, I tried the shirt on and when I took it off my body was covered in little stickers that said “M 049.” At least I am well assured that the shirt was thoroughly inspected.

 This is only a few of the stickers that I pulled out of the shirt.