Texas Snow and Texas Pyramids

Snow is very rare in Texas…and even more rare in Midland. So I was quite surprised to wake up this morning to a little more then 4 inches of snow.

 A little more then 4 inches of snow last night…and still coming down.

Even when is does snow it is usually not much more then an inch or two and very icy. Texas can’t seem to handle snow…so anytime it does all the schools close. The snow today was a good soft powder perfect for making some snow sculptures. And with no school my daughter and I dawned our warm cloths and went outside to have some fun.

The only thing that is more rare then snow in Texas are pyramids

4 thoughts on “Texas Snow and Texas Pyramids”

  1. Yes…I know Dallas got snow last Christmas and then again recently. Midland even got an inch or two back in December. I think your right about Houston too. This is not the norm…Texas can go years without ever seeing snow. It must be global warming:-)

  2. We got snow here in El Paso as well from the same snow storm. This is the 6th snow storm to hit El Paso this year not to mention all the below freezing temperatures we have had. I am ready for a little global warming about now.

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