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Buck Mountian – New Mexico

While on a church retreat near Angus, NM I took a morning hike to 7,755 foot Buck Mountain. Starting at the retreat center we followed an old jeep trial into the Lincoln National forest. We looped around counter clockwise to the back side of Buck Mountain following a small stream for most of the way before heading up the west side. Once on top we found some Elk tracks and took in the view. We came back down on the east side and eventually joined up with a small residential road. I brought my camera along with me but, like an idiot, forgot the memory card. As a result the only picture I have is a cell phone pic. We spent just under two hours on the trail, traveled 3.26 miles and climbed 853 feet.

There are many more trails, and much higher peaks, in the area with the Lincoln National Forest offering many miles of trails. The highest peak in the area is Sierra Blanca Peak at 11,973 feet. I look forward to coming back to this area when I have more time to hike.


  • Griffis Family

    May 3, 2010

    The walk up Sierra Blanca is a fun trip. I did it in April seven years ago (not an El Nino year) and had a great time. I can also sympathize with forgetting the memory card on a trip. I did it just two days ago.

  • Steven

    May 3, 2010

    We have a trip planned to the Sierra Blanca area soon. I would like to summit but am worried about lingering snow this early in the year.

  • YakDriver

    December 31, 2010

    I have an early spring trip planned to Albuquerque and Taos. This sounds like a good side trip coming from Texas. Thanks for the review.

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