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April 2010

While on a church retreat near Angus, NM I took a morning hike to 7,755 foot Buck Mountain. Starting at the retreat center we followed an old jeep trial into the Lincoln National forest. We looped around counter clockwise to the back side of Buck Mountain following a small stream for most of the way before heading up the west side. Once on top we found some Elk tracks and took in the view. We came back down on the

For more information please see my newest report on Mount Livermore.  After much anticipation I finally made it out to The Nature Conservancy’s (TNC) Davis Mountain Preserve (DMP) in an attempt to summit Mount Livermore and Baldy Peak. The davis mountain range is the most extensive and second highest range in Texas. Mount Livermore and Baldy Peak (which sits on top of Livermore) is the tallest mountain in the Davis range at 8378 feet. Blue line is the jeep road,

Saturday morning of our trip to Palo Duro my family and I set out to hike the parks most popular trail to the lighthouse. Palo Duro is the second largest canyon in the United States and the Lighthouse is her signature formation. Every year thousands of people set out to hike the 3 miles (6 round trip) to the base of the formation and this Saturday was no different Palo Duro Canyon viewed from the canyon rim.. We set out about

I recived an e-mail today that said I have been chosen to test Cocona's new Xcelerator fabrics. They claim Xcelerator Fabrics perform 50% better than other similar fabrics and now I have the opportunity to put that claim to test. I do not know yet what type of gear I will be testing but should be receiving it shortly. As part of of the testing program I will be required to take standardized tests and submit blog like entries on

Palo Duro canyon in the Texas Panhandle is the second largest canyon in the United States. The Canyon is close to 120 miles long and 6.2 miles wide on average, but reaches a width of 20 miles wide in some places. Its depth varies between approximately 820 feet to 997 feet. Palo Duro Canyon has been nicknamed "The Grand Canyon of Texas," due to its size and dramatic geological features. The Canyon was cut by the Prairie Dog Town Fork

My last trip to the Guadalupe’s was for the sole purpose of instructing a young photography student on Landscape photography techniques. We had the opportunity to hike to Devil’s Hall and drive out to Williams Ranch taking pictures all along the way. But our goal and main purpose of the trip was to photograph El Captain at sunset. Here are a few of the shots we took of El-Capitan. From left to right is Shumard Peak (8615), Gudalupe Peak (8749) and

Just off of hwy 62, about 7.3 miles down a rough jeep road, an old ranch house sits at the foot of Texas’ highest peaks. The blue ranch house with its steeply gabled roof looks somewhat out of place among the open desert landscape. It must have felt out of place, as well, when the builder had the lumber hauled 70 miles by mule from Van Horn, Texas. you can’t help but wonder how hard it must have