Big Rocks Park – Glen Rose, Texas

The town of Glen Rose is one of my favorite small Texas towns. I have gone there many times with my family and friends to paddle the Brazos River, play in the Paluxy River, or see Dinosaur Valley State Park. Every time I have I pass through a small city park has caught my attention.

Big Rocks Park…atop the big rocks looking at the Paluxy River

Big Rocks Park is a small city park in Glen Rose, Texas on the banks of the Paluxy River. Back in October my family and I took a small side trip through Hico, Texas to eat at one of our favorite restaurants. As we were leaving, we passed through Glen Rose, and I decided my curiosity had to be satisfied.

With less than an hour before sundown, my family and I, pulled over at Big Rocks Park, kicked off our shoes, rolled up our pants, and went to play in the shallow waters of the Paluxy River.

Wadding in the Paluxy Rive

 Big Rocks Park gets its name from…you guessed it…some big rocks on the north bank of the Paluxy River. Although we started off playing in the water, It wasn’t long before my daughters intrigue got the best of her, and we left the river to explore the rocks.

A small “cave” at Big Rocks Park
Climbing Up The Big Rocks

On top of the big rocks

The large limestone rocks have been slowly rounded and carved by the power of the river leaving small valleys and cracks, and caves to play in. My daughter and I spent the better part of an hour climbing up, over, around, and sometimes through these rocks. Our favorite thing became jumping the shallow chasms between rocks. Although the cracks were only 5-6 feet deep and not two feet across my daughter was very nervous each time we jumped. With her hand in mine we braved the rocks together leaping across countless chasms. We were having a blast, but before we knew it the sun had gone down and it was time for us to continue on our way.

Large Limestone Rocks carved by the power of water
Leaping across the small chasms between rocks
Wadding in the Paluxy River
Big Rocks Park Entrance

If you are ever passing through Glen Rose make sure to stop and see the small city park. It is worth your time, especially if you have small children. In fact you could make a whole vacation there at Glen Rose. Go see Dinosaur Valley State Park, Paddle a short section of the Brazos River, feed the animals at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. Spend a little time there and see if it doesn’t become one of your favorite small Texas towns.

Getting There:
Big Rocks Park:  32°14’17.17″N  97°44’44.22″W

From Dallas Fort Worth Head West on Hwy 67 to Glen Rose, Turn Left (south) on Barnard Street. The park is on the Left.

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