Last Chance to get a Davis Mountain Preserve Christmas Tree

This coming Saturday (December 11th) is the last chance to get a real Texas grown Christmas tree from The Nature Conservancy’s Davis Mountain Preserve. Every year the Davis Mountain Preserve opens the property to the public for their annual Christmas Tree Hunt. During this time the public is encouraged to come and select a naturally growing tree from the high alpine forest of the Davis Mountains.

There are sure to be lots of good Christmas Trees growing naturally at the Davis Mountain Preserve.

Anyone who is interested is encouraged to bring their handsaw, gloves and tie-down rope as they select one of the many Pinon Pine or Alligator Junipers common in the area. There is no charge for this popular “cut-your-own Christmas tree event”, which runs from 9:00 a.m. to 4 p.m.

If you have never been out to the Davis Mountain Preserve you really don’t know what you have been missing. The Preserve is arguably one of the prettiest places in Texas. In addition, selecting and cutting your own Christmas tree is a fun event your whole family can enjoy.

According to the Nature Conservancy cutting down real trees is better for the environment. TNC says: “regular tree thinning is essential for severe wildfire prevention and for maintaining a healthy ecosystem in the Davis Mountains,” so by cutting your own tree, you’re actually helping the Nature Conservancy manage this iconic West Texas landscape. So what are you waiting for? Head out to the Davis Mountain Preserve and cut down a tree.

Please note that power saws are not allowed and pets are not permitted on the preserve. Hikers are also welcomed to enjoy the preserve this Saturday December 11th. If you have the time hike to the Summit of Mount Livermore: the highest peak in the Davis Range. Hikers and tree hunters must sign in at the McIvor Conservation Center.

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Getting There:
Davis Mountains Preserve is located approximately 25 miles northwest of Ft. Davis on Hwy. 118 (about 10 miles past McDonald Observatory and about ¼ mile past the Lawrence E. Wood Picnic Area).

Davis Mountain Preserve Entrance:  30°42’16.12″N 104° 6’53.67″W 
McIvor Visitor Center is located at 30.700580º N 104.115704º W

For further information, e-mail Davis Mountain Preserve Director Chris Pipes at [email protected] or call 432-426-2390. Participants must sign in at the McIvor Conservation Center.