Week in Review – February 27th, 2011

Mike Leggett Drives 900 miles across Texas (Recommended Read)

Grizzly shares some amazing photos.

Grizzly’s view from the Pioneer Yurt

Jason is giving away a Gobspark Armageddon firesteel

Kelly has some interesting thoughts on Big Rocks

I Review, Interview and Giveaway Francis Tapon’s book: Hike Your Own Hike. Click here and enter to win!

Steven shares some old Vittorio Sella photographs

An old Vittorio Sella photo

Jim shares the contents of his first aid kit

Ron helps us entertain the little ones while camping

David hits the nail on the head…I want to move to the mountains.

Brian and Ashley summit Los Pinos Peak

Fell Faller has some of the most intriguing color I have seen in a while.

I love these colors in Fell Faller’s photo

Mark and Tim & Robin share some blog love! Thanks Guys!

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