Big Bend Sunset – Time Lapse Video

It has been pretty crazy for me lately. With spring break here and gone I have been traveling a lot and working double hard to make up for the time I have been gone. As a result…MyLifeOutdoors has been neglected a little. I haven’t posted a “week in review” in three or more weeks and have been doing good if I get out one post per week. I have lots of trip reports to share with you in the coming weeks and ask that you remain patient as I prepare them. Next week I will be posting my final report from my recent Big Bend, South Rim, backpacking trip. Until then… here is a short Time Lapse video of a Big Bend Sunset. Enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “Big Bend Sunset – Time Lapse Video”

  1. That's pretty sweet. We need to get another video up soon. We've got plenty of winter footage. We definitely should have brought the Kodak with us this past weekend, but Robin has been teaching me some of her photography skills. 😛

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