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Entire Lincoln National Forest Will Close Due To Fire Danger

Next Thursday May 12 at 8:00 am the entire Lincoln National Forest (including all three districts) will be closed to the public due to extreme fire danger. All National Forest System roads and trails will be closed, but all interstate highways, state and county roads through the forest will remain open, according to a U.S. Forest Service statement. The Forest Service has also stated that campfire and smoking restrictions have been effective minimizing the number of fires, but the forest is at the point that it cannot afford the risk of any human-caused fires.

Firefighter cuts up a down tree to minimize fire fuel. Photo Credit: Deanna Younger

Officials will reopen the forest once enough rain falls which should be around mid-July, when seasonal monsoon rain showers begin.

The 1.1-million-acre forest, spans four counties, and receives between half a million and 3 million visitors and people passing through every summer.

All of this happens as the Huge Fort Davis Fire is finally extinguished and it appears the region is getting rain today. Trails in Parks in Texas are beginning to reopen…but New Mexico seems to be getting worse. Lets continue to pray for rain in the southwest.

Some of the places I have visited that will be inaccessible:
Sierra Blanca
Buck Mountain 
Sitting Bull Falls  

Via: Extreme fire risk will shut Lincoln forest

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