A Review of LeftLane Sports

Lets face it, outdoor gear is expensive. From boots to rain gear to packs and tents…it doesn’t take long before your out several hundred, or several thousand dollars. I used to think ebay was the only way to get decent, albeit used, gear at affordable prices. But a little more then a year ago I came across a small discount gear website called LeftLane Sports, that changed the way I shop for and buy gear.

LeftLane Sports is what is known as a flash sale site, which basically means they have top of the line gear on sale at steep discounts for short lengths of time. Typically they will feature one brand at 50%-70% off for three days at a time.

When I first discovered LeftLane I couldn’t believe their prices, it seemed to good to be true. Others seemed to agree. I was getting a lot of search engine traffic with the search term “LeftLane Sports Scam.” I too was curious and decided to test the waters and make a purchase on some unbelievably discounted gear. With my first purchase LeftLane had a hiccup or two getting my gear to me within the promised time. I wrote a review based on my experience and posted it on MyLifeOutdoors. you can read that review here.

Since that time, however, I have had multiple dealings with LeftLane Sports. Within the last year I have purchased jackets, packs, boots, ski pants, knifes, shirts, pants, and even socks from LeftLane Sports. According to my order history I have made 14 separate purchases since December of 2010. Of those I have made at least five different returns or exchanges. All of my dealings have been pleasant and according to their published polices. Shipping times have become lightning fast. When I first started dealing with LeftLane Sports shipping seemed to take for ever. Now everything ships in one business day, often the same day.

I have been so impressed with my dealings with LeftLane Sports I hardly buy gear from anywhere else. If there is some piece of gear I need I will wait, because I know LeftLane will eventually sell it at steep discounts. Right now I’m in the market for a new set of Ski boots and Skis. Come on LeftLane, hook me up with something good.

The other part of LeftLane Sports I have come to love is their Give $10, Get $10 referral service. For everyone you refer to LeftLane Sports you get $10 in store credit, and so do they. In fact if you sign up using this link we will both get a free $10 credit. Credits only apply toward purchases over $50, and I don’t get my free credit until you make your first purchase.

Two things you should know about LeftLane is returns are only good toward store credit. They will not refund your credit card. And hot items sell out fast. There may be a 3 day sale on your favorite brand, but the good stuff will be gone in the first few hours due to popularity and limited quantities. It doesn’t always work out this way…but I never risk it. If I want an item I buy it fast before it sells out.

To make things even better LeftLane Sports is very generous. I contacted them and told them I would be writing this review. I asked if they wanted to sweeten the pot by throwing in a free piece of gear for a giveaway. They came back with a Gregory Z45 BackPack. A $180 value, free for you to win. The Contest has ended.

Look here for Current LeftLane Sales and Coupons

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9 thoughts on “A Review of LeftLane Sports”

  1. A friend from Canada bought a kid carrier and got it within the week. Pretty good for cross border shipping!

  2. I love LeftLane Sports! They're always hooking me up with awesome stuff. Just bought a pair of vivobarefoot running shoes of their sale today..70% off!

  3. I am always amazed at how fast I get my stuff from them. My wife shops at a Flash Sale site for mothers and sometimes it takes months for her to get her order. show more

  4. Another great giveaway! Just shared it and will continue to. Looks like they have much to offer.

  5. Hey Steven, I work at LeftLane sports as a marketing manager. I couldn't help the temptation to tell you about our new site JUST for women that your wife might like. I'm probably not allowed to leave links here but the site is Planet Gear .com. I hope your adventures are fresh and fun!

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