Grand View Point – Grand Tetons National Park

The name says it all: Grand View Point. My family and I were looking for a short easy hike that could get us away from the crowds of Grand Tetons National Park. And that is just what we found tucked away at the end of a short dirt road just off the main highway. Anybody following us would have thought we made a wrong turn down a road closed to the public. At least thats what we were hoping as we pulled up to the trail head and found only one other car. With any luck we wouldn’t see another soul.

Looking East from Grand View Point – Grand Tetons National Park

And we were pretty lucky. The owners of the one other car passed us just as we set foot on the trail. They had already been up and were headed back to their car. We talked for a bit before continuing on. We were in no hurry. We had all day to hike the short 1.1 mile trail.

For a short trail, however, it gains a lot of altitude. I had my 2 year old on my back with my wife and 10 year old in tow. It didn’t take long before we were all a bit winded. “I thought you said this would be an easy hike” my wife said. She was nursing a injured tow from our 5 day backpack through Glacier the week before. The pain was forcing her to hike in sandals and the steep incline of Grand View Trail wasn’t making it any better. “We will be there before you know it.” I said. And we were. Moments later we started to catch Grand Views between the trees. First of the Tetons to the West. Then of some meadows and lakes to the East. And before we knew it we had reached what felt like the summit of this short trail.

Grand View Point Trail
Heading up Grand View Point Trail
Tetons through the Trees
Grand View Point Trail
Grand View Point Trail
Looking East from the Grand View Point Trail
Looking South East from the Grand View Point Trail

I took off the child carrier and let our littlest one stretch her legs. Looking West you could see the entire Teton range in full panoramic view. Jackson lake sprawled out before their feet with large islands in full view. To the East small natural lakes surrounded by forest beckoned me to more hiking and exploring. This was indeed a Grand View. My family and I sat up their for the better part of an hour. Breathing in the fresh mountain air and taking in the country side. It was a good moment, with a view that never changed but was better then any TV show.

My Youngest at Grand View Point
Looking out at the Grand Tetons and Jackson Lake just below Grand View Point
My two daughters looking out toward Jackson Lake and the Grand Tetons
Grand Tetons and Jackson Lake from Grand View Point

As we were getting ready to leave I saw that the trail continued north. I thought we had reached the top, but Grand View Point was actually about another 10th of a mile down the trail. A sign marked the true summit and as it turns out the real Grand View Point didn’t have as Grand Views as where before. Trees completely blocked the view of the Tetons to the West. The best views, with practically a 360 field of view lay back down the trail a little ways.

Marker at Grand View Point – Grand Tetons National Park
A bee on a nearby flower

Having accomplished what we set out to do my family and I headed back down the short 1.1 mile trail back to our car. We never saw another soul the rest of the time we were there, which made this trail quite a gem in an otherwise crowded park. Short, not too hard, with plenty of solitude. This hike was one of our favorites of all time.

My Littlest was asleep before we made it back to the car.

The Hike:
Length: 1.1 Miles One Way
Starting Elevation: 6892 feet
Ending Elevation: 7823 feet
Elevation Change: 931 feet

Map of Grand View Trail – Grand Tetons National Park

Getting There:
The road can be hard to find as there is no signs or other markers to distinguish it. Just a small dirt road off the main hwy. Head North 0.9 miles from the Jackson Lake Lodge. (see map below). Once you are on the dirt road stay left at both of the forks and follow the road until it dead ends at the trail head. High Clearance vehicles are recommended.

Dirt Road Entrance: 43.894181, -110.571556
Trail Head: 43.899160, -110.561728
Grand View Point: 43.908746, -110.560055

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5 thoughts on “Grand View Point – Grand Tetons National Park”

  1. Just beautiful. You know for as long as we lived in the northwest we never made it to the Tetons. Looks like we missed a lot. Great pics. You have a nice family.

  2. It just makes me want to get up into the Tetons themselves. We spent all our time in the foothills. I bet the trails up and among the Tetons are spectacular.

  3. I was much more impressed with the Tetons then Yellowstone. Seemed less crowded and more like my kind of park. Its too bad you never made it out there. Maybe you will sometime.

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