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Woe To You Dr. Pepper – How a Part of Texas Died and Who’s to Blame

I don’t know anything about Joyce Meyer, but her words seem to fit: “If I have to build a big company by mistreating other people then the Bible says WOE to me. I don’t know what that is, but I don’t want any of it.” Woe to you Dr Pepper Snapple Group, for your greed has killed a Texas icon.

I don’t normally write about topics that don’t, in some way, pertain to hiking, backpacking, camping, or the like. But I know I have a good number of Texas readers, and any self respecting Texan needs to know how Dublin Dr. Pepper died.

A Dublin Dr Pepper bottle. One of the last to ever be made.

I was laying in bed wednesday night when I got a text from a friend that said: “At 5pm today there is no more Dublin Dr. Pepper.” For those who don’t know Dublin Dr. Pepper is sweetened with a pure cane sugar formula dating back to 1891, when Dublin Dr. Pepper got its start. Unlike any other Dr. Pepper, the taste is considered by many (including myself) to be some of the best soda known to man. But DPS recently sued the small town Dublin Dr. Pepper bottling company for altering the Dr. Pepper logo and selling their unique formula under the name Dublin Dr. Pepper.

Dublin Dr. Pepper was the oldest Dr Pepper Bottler in the World, killed by the greed of its parent company.

For my family Dublin Dr. Pepper is an elusive treat. Something we only get when we drive out of our way to the small town of Dublin to visit the bottling plant and buy one or two six packs of the heavenly soda. The rest of the year we spend our money on regular Dr. Pepper. But not anymore. DPS has gone too far, and I know I am not alone when I say their greed knows no bounds.

If you go to Dublin today you can still find Cane Sweetened Dr. Pepper. But its not made by the Dublin Company, nor will it bare the name Dublin Dr. Pepper. It seems some time ago DPS realized Dublin Dr. Pepper was better and began selling “nostalgic” Dr. Pepper sweetened with pure cane sugar. I bought some at our local grocery store. But it wasn’t the same as Dublin Dr. Pepper, something was different. It seems now that DPS has realized they couldn’t compete with Dublin Dr. Pepper and so they decided to bully them around until they gave up their lunch money. And now a part of Texas is dead.

A historic photo of the Dublin Dr. Pepper Bottling Plant, still in existence today

It is my hope that enough Texans raise enough stink about this that DPS comes crawling back to Dublin begging them to reopen their production. I hope enough texans send letters and e-mails protesting this shameful act of greed. Right now I have three small bottles of Dublin Dr. Pepper sitting in my fridge. They are probably the last three I will ever see.

Woe to you Dr. Pepper Snapple Group.

If you would like to contact Dr Pepper Snapple Group and tell them how you feel, you can do so by following this link

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  • Smoky Hiker

    January 17, 2012

    Great article….Never tasted it before, but I agree with you – Dr. Pepper looks pretty bad…

  • Steven Smith

    January 20, 2012

    They would do themselves a big favor by coming out and saying they made a mistake and would like to support Dublin.

  • Native Texan

    January 21, 2012

    Pretty close answer on how it happened. However let me set you straight on the ingredients in "Nolstalgic DrPepper" or "Heratiage DrPepper",they are not made with "Pure Cane Sugar",but with a "Cane Sugar & Beet Sugar"mix,DrPepper/Snapple Group before January 12,2012 could only say "Pure Cane Sugar" when in realilty it was a blend between the two….(Check it out!!!)…. Only "The Original Dublin DrPepper,Made in Dublin,Texas,before Jan.12,2012" it could say made with,and did say on the bottle "Imperial Pure Cane Sugar"only…..Now after January 12,2012 DrPepper Snapple Group can now say made with "Pure Cane Sugar" and actually mean it,since like you have said they bought out the former "Dublin DrPepper Bottling Company,Dublin,Texas",now renamed "Dublin Bottling Works,Dublin,Texas".Also after January 12,2012 the word "Dublin" has been taken off the bottle,along with "Made in Dublin,Texas". It now says "DrPepper","Imperial Pure Cane Sugar",and now "Bottled Under The Authority Of Dr Pepper Company,Plano,TX 75024"on the bottle. To me only "Dublin DrPepper,Dublin,Texas,Made before January 12,2012" is the "ORIGINAL" ,and it must say on the products "Dublin",and is the only "Dublin DrPepper" I will ever drink again. After what DrPepper/Snapple Group did to Dubin DrPepper,and what the Kloster's(owners of Dublin DrPepper Bottlling Company,Dublin,Texas,0n & Before January 12,2012)did by "Selling Out",I will NEVER BUY another DrPepper/Snapple Porduct ever again,unless someone buys back the "Dublin DrPepper Bottling Company" and produces the "Original Dublin DrPepper" in Dublin,Texas" with the words "Dublin",and "Made in Dublin,Texas" on the bottle(A Texas Tradition). I hopes this information helps you to stay current. I was a lifelong drinker of DrPepper,in all of it's forms,now no longer(except The Original Dublin DrPepper). Talk to the people of Dublin,Texas and you will find the truth there,and what really happened. Take care and God Bless….http://www.boycottdrpepper.com & http://www.facbook.com/BoycottDr.Pepper1

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