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Minus 33 – Brand Highlight – Spring into Adventure Gear Giveaway

If I am looking for high quality, warm, and comfortable garments for my favorite outdoor activities, Merino Wool is my first choice. I love that it is 100% natural, sustainable and even biodegradable. Every year I hear about a new synthetic that is being triumphed as the latest and greatest fabric for outdoor gear and almost every time wool is still proven superior.

L.W. Packard, parent company of Minus 33, saw a gap in the market and set out to fill this space with high quality, warm garments for the active outdoor community. Minus 33 also choose to work exclusively with wool because of the obvious benefits afforded by making outdoor clothing from the best materials.

Wool is naturally breathable, wicks moisture, and reduces body odor. It works in any climate, keeping you warm when you’re cold, yet releasing heat and moisture when you’re hot. Over the years wool has gotten a bad reputation for being itchy and high maintenance but Merino Wool has a natural resilience, is machine washable, stain and wrinkle resistant, and even offers UV protection.

If you are looking for comfortable and functional Merino Wool garments for your next outdoor adventure, I would highly recommend checking out Minus 33 and their full product line.

As part of the Spring Into Adventure gear giveaway we are excited to offer a Minus 33 Wool Balaclava as part of the Grand Prize in this weeks giveaway. Be sure to check out all the other great prizes being offered. COLD week is going on now. Click here to enter.

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  • Chrystian Foy

    March 13, 2012

    I'd love to check out the Minus 33 line. The only problem is that most outdoor clothing lines don't make stuff in my size. I'm a larger guy, who's been losing weight, but I'm still outside of the most popular range of sizes. To add to it, I'm incredibly tall by clothing standards. Most clothiers only make their "tall" line for men up to 6'3". I'm closer to 6"5". To top that off, I have a longer torso than most, with almost average length legs. So finding shirts is near impossible. However, if I could find companies that offer clothes in sizes that fit, I would definitely be a loyal customer. If you are in touch with PR execs at Minus 33, do they have anything to say about this? I've pondered for a while issuing a challenge to manufacturers of outdoor clothing to create stuff for bigger men who enjoy the outdoors.

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