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Eating Healthy In the Great Outdoors – A Guest Post

AdvertisementAre you in the midst of planning your next camping adventure? From the tent, to sleeping bags to camping meals, there are always plenty of items to add to your packing list. On this trip, place an emphasis on your health and nutrition with practical and affordable freeze dried meals and other items that will keep your hunger under control and your energy levels high. In one quick shopping trip you can fill your backpack with sensible and delicious options including dried fruits, on-the-go beverage mixes, and hearty meals suitable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

A Balanced Diet
The trick to planning for healthy camping meals is to discover the proper ratio of carbohydrates, protein, dairy, fruits, and vegetables. Depending on your personal needs, it is best to consume several meals a day that combine the necessary nutritional elements. Also, you must stop and consider the cooking resources you will have on hand. Do you plan to bring pots for warming pouch meals or should you opt for ready-to-eat varieties? Staying on track with camping meals or freeze dried meals that are easy to prepare will make your trip that much easier.

Camping Meals – Healthy Options
There are some brands that are synonymous with camping and one that always ranks high is Mountain House. Mountain House meals can provide you with consistent quality options in either an easy to open can or pouch. Choose from single servings of Western Omelets, Chicken Teriyaki with Rice, or Lasagna with Meat Sauce just to name a few. Other meals including AplineAire Foods offer complex flavors perfect for any camping trip. Bring along some of their Texas BBQ chicken with bean, or pepper steak with rice for a protein rich option.

Snacks and other quick-to-enjoy items are also handy when exploring the surrounding areas of planning to be far from base camp for several hours at a time. Freeze dried fruits such as Natural High Pure Organic options are sweet and mouth-watering treats to enjoy as part of your meal or as a simple snack. Combine the freeze dried fruits for a variety of flavor profiles or enjoy them alone. Health bars are another great option to keep in your pocket or backpack at all times.

Camping Beverages
Eating healthy while camping can also include some of your favorite drinks. While packing up for your next trip remember to bring instant coffee such as Snow Peak Starbucks VIA to wake you up each morning or keep you warm during a brisk afternoon. Of course, water is a must while camping so carefully plan to stay hydrated. Bring a variety of bottle water to enjoy all throughout your excursions and also bring some type of filtration system in case of emergency.

You can maintain your desired healthy eating while out in the great outdoors. Add camping meals and freeze dried meals designed to support your health and make meal time simple and convenient.

This post is a paid advertisement from Sports Chalet 

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