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Maneaters: Bears DVD Review – Spring into Adventure Digital Week

Bears are dangerous animals that need to be respected. When bears are startled, or threatened, they will usually attack. When bears become accustomed to humans and human food, chances of attacks are heightened. Any and everyone who lives or recreates in bear country needs to know these things. And I believe they do.

Screenshot of Maneaters: Bears DVD’s Title Menu

Every once and awhile people have fatal or near fatal encounters with bears. Maneaters: Bears, a DVD from Animal Planet, is about those encounters. Maneaters: Bears is a collection of shows that seem to have originally aired on Animal Planet. I received the DVD the other day to watch and review. I watched the first couple of episodes which seemed typical of this type of show. Interviews with bear attack survivors, short clips of actual footage, and a large dose of reenactments.

Maneaters: Bears DVD’s Episodes Menu

One thing that caught my attention was the first two episodes seemed to be completely different shows on the same topic. Both interviewed some of the same victims, yet had different tellings of the same account. In both shows a father and daughter surprise a bear and are attacked. Both jump from a ledge to escape the bear. In the fist show only the father is interviewed. The show says the daughter was knocked unconscious. In the second show both the father and the daughter were interviewed. The show says the daughter was awake for the entire attack.

Reenactment Screenshot

Reenactment Screenshoot

The DVD goes on to try and educate people on bear behavior and human behavior that puts us in danger. Which I find commendable. All of it is done in typical sensationalistic ways, which I could do without. All and in all I find the DVD typical of “when animals attack” type shows that seem to fall short of their promise for “real footage” and overload you with shaking cameras filming actor recreations. If you are a fan of this type of reenactment documentary than the Maneaters: Bears DVD is for you.

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