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May 2012

Three hours of sustained rain is enough to make anyone quit. As soon as we pulled up to the Turkey Canyon Trailhead it started to rain. My friends and I pulled out the rain gear and strapped on our packs anyway. Nothing was going to stop us from spending the weekend in the backcountry. Three hours later, soaking wet and cold, we wondered if we had made the wrong decision.Lincoln National Forest - White Mountain WildernessOur plan was to spend

If you love MyLifeOutdoors now is the chance to show that pride with an official MyLifeOutdoors sticker. I will be giving away a MyLifeOutdoors sticker to the first 50 people to spread the word about what a great blog MyLifeOutdoors is. Use the raffle copter interface below to tweet, post, or blog about MyLifeOutdoors and we will mail you a free sticker.MyLifeOutdoors Sticker on the back of my JeepSend us a picture of how you are displaying your MyLifeOutdoors sticker