Fall Colors and The National Park Foundation

As fall progresses and the leaves begin to change color, I have noticed a lot of talk about the best places to view fall color. In Texas these places are rare, as the trees that create the best and brightest colors are few and far between. There are, however, a handful of places in Texas, known for their beautiful fall display. Probably the hardest to get to, and the least well known is McKittrick Canyon in Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

If you have been around MyLifeOutdoors for a while then you know I am no stranger to this park. I consider myself one of the few lucky Texans that lives close enough to our rugged mountain ranges that I can visit them frequently, yet far enough away that I am still a member of society. 

In the fall, McKittrick Canyon becomes a beautiful display of fall color unlike any other in Texas. Over the last couple of years I have been blessed to see the Guadalupes around this time of year when the leaves begin to change. I wanted to share this experience with as many people as possible and reached out to the National Park Foundation with a guest post about the Guadalupe’s and McKittrick Canyon. They accepted my post and have published it on their blog. I now have the honor of being one of their official Bloggers. 

If you are interested in reading about hidden McKittrick Canyon and the beautiful fall colors head over to their blog and take a look. If you feel so inclined please share the post on your social networks for more to enjoy. 
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