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April 2024

When choosing between jackets, you typically have two options: down, or synthetic. There are pros and cons to both. Down jackets are well-known for being the most lightweight, warm, and highly compressible layers you can buy, but they do have an Achilles heel: once they’re wet, they’re difficult to dry and lose their insulating power. Synthetic jackets are water-resistant and in some cases, can insulate even when wet. But, this comes at a cost: they aren’t as lightweight, and they often

Let’s face it: ultralight packs have a pretty bad reputation. Many people have described them as trash back with straps, and often, ultralight packs seem to sacrifice comfort first in order to shave down weight. But, those downsides aren’t always the case, and to prove it, I’m comparing 6 ultralight packs that are almost too good to be true. What Exactly is an Ultralight Pack? To fall into the “ultralight” category, a pack needs to weigh 2lbs or less. Most traditionally-framed packs weigh