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Since we are Dallas visiting family over the holidays, I decided to take a short day trip to Glen Rose Texas and check out Dinosaur Valley State Park.  I arrived at the park headquarters about 8:30 am, checked in with the park ranger, and asked about recommended trails. The ranger at the desk recommended the Blue Trail which follows a ridge above the North shore of the Paluxy River.I started out on the White Trail trailhead on the south side

New years eve the wife and I will be headed to St. Louis for a Conference. We plan to take a significant detour and go see the Great Smokey Mountains in East Tennessee. While doing some research I found this live web cam from the National Park Service:

Yesterday I was reading about the Alligator Gar on Passport to Texas. The Alligator Gar is the largest freshwater fish known to Texas and, according to Passport to Texas, can grow up to ten feet long and 300 pounds. I have never seen one this big but can imagine how scary such an encounter might be. What I find most interesting is the Gar’s tendency to swim close to the surface. Apparently the Gar’s gills are poorly suited for

A friend and I are making plans to summit Mt. Livermore and Baldy Peak in the Davis Mountain range. Baldy Peak (atop Mt. Livermore) is the highest point in the Davis Mountains. Access to the summit is limited due to the fact that nearly all of the Davis Mountain range sits on private land. The majority of Mt. Livermore is actually owned by The Nature Conservancy, an organization dedicated to preserving nature. The Nature Conservancy is a mighty fine organization.

Recently a friend and I took a paddle trip down the Devil’s River in South West Texas. The Devil’s River is considered by many to be the cleanest river in Texas. The Devil’s maintains this status mostly because of its remote nature. There are only two public water crossings along the rivers entire 47.7 mile stretch between Baker’s Crossing (Hwy 163) and the High Bridge over Lake Amisted (Hwy 90). Surrounding land is all private ranch estates. Land owners have

Not exactly your top outdoor destination. Flat, arid, limited vegetation, limited wildlife, these are just a few words that describe West Texas. There is little here for any person who likes to be outdoors. But yet this is where I call home. I never intended to come to midland. Having grown up in the heart of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, I often found myself driving down I-35 into the Texas hill country. Texas may not compare to