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December 2009

If you’re ever passing through Scott Arkansas (just a little south of Little Rock) stop in to Cotham’s Mercantile Restaurant for one of their Hubcap Burgers. As you walk up to Cotham’s you might feel a little leery. The place looks like it is about to fall into the Swamp (actually Horseshoe Lake) it sits over. The place is literally falling apart and there is hardly a sign left on the front. That’s because Cotham’s was built in 1917 and

Dinosaur Valley State Park, located about an hour southwest of Fort Worth Texas, contains some of the best preserved dinosaur tracks in the world. The park sits alongside the Paluxy River bed which, according to scientists, was an ancient ocean shore 113 million years ago. The park has four viewing sites where tracks are reported to be seen.Both theropods (three towed) and sauropods (large round feet) tracks have been discovered in the river bed. Many of the tracks in the

Since we are Dallas visiting family over the holidays, I decided to take a short day trip to Glen Rose Texas and check out Dinosaur Valley State Park.  I arrived at the park headquarters about 8:30 am, checked in with the park ranger, and asked about recommended trails. The ranger at the desk recommended the Blue Trail which follows a ridge above the North shore of the Paluxy River.I started out on the White Trail trailhead on the south side

Last week I read about The North Butt suing the South Face, (no wait…it’s the other way around). I get confused because of the way The North Face is acting. As it turns out the North Face is suing a college kid (or at least his company) for trademark infringement. The company, The South Butt, has lawyered up and is fighting back claiming:“The South Butt has previously made it clear to the North Face that the consuming public is insightful

I recently ran across this preview for a new movie set to come out in February called Frozen. At first I thought it was another YouTube parody. But they really intend to make this movie. And why not with reports of 13 people injured after a ski lift in Southern Wisconsin ran backwards uncontrollably. The out of control ski lift prompted some to jump of their own free will while others held on until they slammed into a

New years eve the wife and I will be headed to St. Louis for a Conference. We plan to take a significant detour and go see the Great Smokey Mountains in East Tennessee. While doing some research I found this live web cam from the National Park Service:

With the cold weather here my mind has been wandering toward winter sports. In particular a planed spring ski trip to the heart of the Colorado Rockies. I decided this year it was time for some new ski gear and started looking for a new Jacket and ski pants to keep me warm this spring. My problem is I’m a gear junkie. I love gear and I love getting new gear. The other problem is I’m broke and with a

Rush Sturges Broke his Back after landing flat off 60 foot high Bonita Falls in Argentina. The highest drop I have ever taken in a Kayak was just over four feet. It was intimidating in itself (at least to me). I can't imagine running  60 foot falls, much less the world record 186 foot Palouse Falls in Washington state run by Tyler Bradt. These guys are just insane. I understand the thrill of whitewater