The Butt Face

Last week I read about The North Butt suing the South Face, (no wait…it’s the other way around). I get confused because of the way The North Face is acting. As it turns out the North Face is suing a college kid (or at least his company) for trademark infringement. The company, The South Butt, has lawyered up and is fighting back claiming:

“The South Butt has previously made it clear to the North Face that the consuming public is insightful enough to know the difference between a face and a butt,”
Hold on a second there Counsel, haven’t you ever head of a Butt Face? It seems to me that is what The North Face is being. So maybe you can understand that someone might get confused. The whole thing reminds me of a bad high school movie.  The popular jock can’t take a joke from the witty geek. So the jock gets its friends to bully him up a bit.

Seriously North Face. Your making yourselves look like jerks. Everyone (SouthernHiker, Out There) I have read on this subject seems to agree. The North Face is going to hurt sales with this lawsuit far worse then any parody company ever could.
I have to be honest, I was at Sun and Ski Sports today and found some nice North Face technical shirts for 40% off. I carried them with me for a long time in the store but ultimately put them back. I just couldn’t bring myself to buy them. I went with a major competing brand instead and actually paid more just so Butt Faces name wouldn’t be on my shoulder.
I saw today The South Butt apparel is available in St, Louis at Williams Pharmacies. I will be in St. Louis next week. I think I will have to pick up a shirt.