Frozen, Ski Lifts, Rescue Beacons

I recently ran across this preview for a new movie set to come out in February called Frozen.

At first I thought it was another YouTube parody. But they really intend to make this movie. And why not with reports of 13 people injured after a ski lift in Southern Wisconsin ran backwards uncontrollably. The out of control ski lift prompted some to jump of their own free will while others held on until they slammed into a wood ceiling. Its the kind of story my wife hears and says “That’s why I don’t ski.” Yet in more than 20 years of skiing I have never had a scary incident on a ski lift. Once when I was ten my mother fell more than 20 feet from a lift while trying to assist her young son. It was spring skiing in New Mexico with little snow to break her fall. But I don’t remember being scared, and she wasn’t hurt, in fact she skied down to the bottom of the lift and got back on to meet me at the top. But just because she was okay doesn’t mean ski lifts are safe. lets step back here and think. Maybe Skiers should be required to wear Rescue beacons just in case Ski Patrol suddenly (and out of character) gets lazy and stops doing last run mountain sweeps before closing. Or maybe Ski Jackets should come equipped with airbags in case you ever need to leap from a ski lift Or maybe…not.

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