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Cotham’s Mercantile Restaurant – Scott, Arkansas

If you’re ever passing through Scott Arkansas (just a little south of Little Rock) stop in to Cotham’s Mercantile Restaurant for one of their Hubcap Burgers. As you walk up to Cotham’s you might feel a little leery. The place looks like it is about to fall into the Swamp (actually Horseshoe Lake) it sits over. The place is literally falling apart and there is hardly a sign left on the front. That’s because Cotham’s was built in 1917 and served as a general mercantile store for the famers of Scott Arkansas. In fact Cotham’s faces a working seed farm. As you walk in most of the old mercantile is still intact. Old rustic goods and products line the shelves and many of the stores original furnishings are still present. You might have to wait awhile to be seated. Cotham’s is pretty popular despites its remote location.

The Hubcap burger is a good size (half a burger and some rings filled me up) and rates an 8.5 on a 10 point scale in my opinion. The patty is all beef and not too dry or greasy. When you order a hubcap make sure you get some of their onion rings. Each order comes with five large onion rings hand battered and freshly fried. If you are especially hungry you can order a large and get 10 onion rings.  Top it all off with a sweet potato fried pie and you will have yourself a small slice of heaven. Make sure to order the pie before you finish your lunch. Each one takes no less than 10 minutes to prepare.

My wife and I stopped in at Cotham’s today on our way to Tennessee to see the Great Smokey Mountains. We parked on the Grass across the street just in front of the old seed farm. We were seated right away despite a jam packed dining area. Service was fast but a tad unfriendly, lacking southern hospitality. I will give the poor waitress the benefit of the doubt, Lunch was very busy.

All in all our experience was great. Next time we are passing through Scott, we know where we will be eating.