Cherohala Skyway – Freezing Fog

Last Saturday my wife and I were driving over the Cherohala Scenic Skyway in the Cherokee and Nantahala National Forests.

The Skyway extends over36 miles in Tennessee and North Carolina. We started in Tellico Plains and climbed the Skyway to its highest point at just under 5400 feet. The views wear amazing, but at just over 3000 feet the surrounding mountain sides took on a whole new beauty. All the trees were frosted in white.

According to Smoky Mountain Hiker “Freezing fog occurs when liquid fog droplets (supercooled) freeze to surfaces, forming white soft or hard rime.” That is what we saw starting around Lake View at 3,360 feet and lasting several miles, well into North Carolina, all the trees where frosted with Freezing Fog. Pictures were abundant.

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  1. Beautiful! I've seen the grass and trees in my backyard frozen like before and wondered what caused it. Now I know. Again, beautiful photos.

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