Bill will Change Water Recreation in Colorado

There is a bill in set to go before the Colorado Legislature that will make it legal to paddle all Colorado rivers. Currently the law is in favor of Colorado land owners and in many instances makes it illegal to set foot on the bank or even the riverbed in Colorado. James at Recreation Law has more information.

If you live in Colorado you should act now by doing one or all of the follwoing.

  • Make sure the bill covers all boaters, not just rafters.
  • Determine who your representative and senator are and tell them you support Representative Curry’s bill and want them to co-sponsor the bill. (Do not go online to determine this. The Colorado Legislature website does not tell you.) Go here to find your districts.
  • Contact CROA and tell them you support their efforts and want to be contacted about the bill.
  • Be prepared to phone your legislators when needed to get the bill out of a committee or before a vote.

If you are from out of state and boat in Colorado or just want to be involved.

  • Contact CROA and let them know you want to help.
  • Contact the President of the Senate Brandon C. Shaffer, 303-866-5291, let him know you support the bill; and,
  • Contact the Speaker of the House Terrance D Carroll, 303-866-2346,
  • When the bill has been proposed, contact the sponsors of the bill and thank them for sponsoring the bill and for their support.