Family Push-Pin Map

Not long after my oldest was born we set a family goal. Before she graduates from high school we want to have visited every state in the US. So far we have made it to 10 states (I think) which is a little more than one state per year. Now that she is 8 we only have about 10 years left and 40 more states. I think we need to speed it up a bit.

Maybe our problem is we can’t see the big picture. So the other day I went out and bought a large (3×4 foot) bulletin board and wall map of the US to help us keep track of where we have been. Each member of the family has a different colored push-pin. When we visit a town or state we place a push-pin on the map as a reminder.

We have all had a great time just trying to remember all the places we have been in order to catch up to the present. Once we have all our past pins in, we will hang the map above the family computer and update it when necessary.

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  1. Steven, I ran across your blog as I was searching for something else and wanted to let you know about It allows you to do exactly what you are doing with your 'paper map' by pinning the places you've been on an interactive google map. I invite you to take a look…

    Leslyn Kantner
    Co-Founder & CEO

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