Outdoor Gear Testers Wanted by Cocona Fabrics

Cocona Fabrics is running a full page add in Backpacker Magazine looking for outdoor enthusiasts to test a new fabric called Xcelerator. They claim Xcelerator Fabrics perform 50% better than other similar fabrics, and are looking for 1000 testers who will receive free gear for testing. If you are interested in applying to become a tester you can go to the Cocona website to register. The website says:

We are looking for people from all walks of life, to test the lastest in high-tech fabric “Cocona Xcelerator outerwear”. 

Cocona will be giving out 1000 pieces of Cocona Xcelerator Outerwear and all we ask is you wear it, give the a good solid work-out and send us the proof, post to our micro-blog, Blog away, send in video and pictures; let us and the world know exactly what you think of Cocona Xcelerator outerwear. We are so confident in Cocona Xcelerator’s ability to wick away moisture, chase away odor, not weigh you down and keep you dry that we are giving it away and letting 1000 savy users be the judge. You hear high priced Wall Street advertising firms tell you about how great some outdoor gear is, now you will hear 1000 people’s first hand experience with Cocona Xcelerator outerwear.

Cocona provides fabrics for brands such as Marmot, Patagonia, Go Light, Merrell, and many more.

The tester application asks questions such as: Describe your physical abilities?, Frequency of outdoor activity?, What is your relationship with the outdoors?, List notable outdoor gear you own, Describe your favorite piece of gear, Do you have a blog?, and Why would you be a great tester?

I have applied to be a tester. I understand each application will go before a panel of judges with the 1000 winners being notified sometime before April 30th 2010. I don’t know if I will be selected to test Xcelerator Fabrics or not, but if I am selected, you will be able to read about my testing here.