Katadyn Hiker Water Filter – Gear Review

Katadyn Hiker and Inlet Tube. (output tube not shown)

I have to say…I love my Katadyn Hiker Micro Filter. I have been using my Katadyn Hiker for more than 3 years on a wide variety of backpacking and overnight kayaking trips. Any time I know fresh water will be available on the trail…I throw it into my bag. My filter has processed countless gallons of water without a single filter change. Katadyn claims it can filter up to 200 gallons of water before needing a filter change (depending on water quality). It is easy to use and understand, and certainly beats carrying large quantities of water in your pack.

Katadyn Hiker weighs a measly 11 ounces which makes it perfect for backpacking. I missed it dearly on a recent hike through the Guadalupe Mountains where there is no water sources in the backcountry. I carried over 23 pounds of water (one gallon per day) for a 3 day hike. Compare this to 3 days in the Lincoln National Forest where I had constant access to fresh water springs. I packed in 2 liters of water and then filtered what I needed for cooking and the remaining two days. I recently took my daughter on her first backpacking trip in Lost Maples SNA where I was concerned about her carrying too much weight. I had her carry only one liter of water (I carried 1.5 liters)…when we would get low…I simply stopped by the numerous creeks and filtered enough water to last the rest of the day. Depending on how fast you can pump the Katadyn Hiker is capable of filtering roughly one liter per minute.

Image from Katadyn’s website

The katadyn Hiker has a 130 micron pre-filter at the end of the inlet tube. The pre-filter filters “large” particles like silt and sand from entering, and unnecessarily, clogging the main filter. The main filter consist of 0.3 micron glass-fiber filter which effectively removes bacteria, protozoa, cysts, Giardia and Cryptosporidium, algae, spores, and sediments. Activated carbon granules improve taste and eliminate odors. The outlet tube connects directly to your Nalgene or similar bottle. I am told there are also water bladder connectors…but I must have lost mine.

In more than 2 years filtering a large variety of water sources ranging from lakes, to rivers, to creeks I have never become sick due to contaminated water. I trust the Katadyn Hiker for my, and my family’s health. Priced around $80…the Katadyn is a no brainier.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I have been considering buying something like this for when I'm fishing spring fed trout streams. Nice to see a review of this type of gear. Much appreciated.

  2. Ditto. I got one of these last year, and we use it on my son's Boy Scout Troop backpack trips – – so we put a lot of water through it – – works like a charm. Great emergency kit item too.

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