Vote For Me!! – I Could Win A Vacation

Some time ago I tested a new Anti Stink Technology from Agion Active. By participating in this gear test I was automatically entered into a contest to win an all expense paid vacation through Glacier Guides to Glacier National Park. In order to win I have to get the most votes on my Agion Active Profile Page.

As I write this I am in third place with 370 votes. I need more then 140 votes to take the lead. The contest ends December 31st.

Thus I am making a plea. If you haven’t already please go vote for me here. If you are willing please place the following link on your blog, facebook, twitter asking your friends to vote for me.

I may be asking too much…but if I’m not then please help.

There may be more worthy causes out there…but maybe none as simple. Any help you can provide I appreciate.

For those of you who are interested below is the video I submitted testing the Anti-Stink technology.

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