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Gear Testing

Why am soaking my down jacket in a near freezing stream AGAIN?  Because this time I want to see if the jacket I spent $12 on can perform as well as a $270 jacket.  You may remember my post from a few weeks ago where I took this expensive jacket with specialty treated down and soaked it in near-freezing water to see if it could still keep me warm. Well, I did it again, but this time instead of relying on expensive factory-treated

I was planning a 4 night backpacking trip in the Pecos Wilderness when some friends and I began talking about summit packs. Our plan was to spend two nights at beautiful Lake Katharine and summit Santa Fe Baldy while we were there. Since camp would already be set up, there was no need to take a huge pack with me to the summit. Many years ago I did and overnight trip with a friend to Guadalupe Peak. When we got ready

A week or so ago the kind folks over at Glacier Glove sent me a couple of pairs of the Perfect Curve Gloves to review. These gloves are designed for cold water kayaking, fishing, and similar sports. I took the gloves with me on a trip to south central Texas to one of the only rivers in the state that is flowing right now to see how the gloves would do. The gloves are made from 2 mm Yamamoto Neoprene,

Recently I had the opportunity to ski on the new for 2011 K2 charger skis. I spent 3 days at ski Purgatory skiing in a variety of conditions and I believe I got a good feel for these amazing skis. The Chargers I used measure in at 174 CM long, with tip, waist, and tail measuring 122-74-106. This season rocker is all the rage and all of K2’s new AMP series (including the Charger) has some degree of rocker.

For the past several weeks I have had the opportunity to review a pair of Magnum Precision Ultra-Lite WPI CT boots. I won the boots in a contest on Outdoor Bloggers Network. As part of the contest I had to agree to test and review the boots.My Pair of Magnum Boots. Hiking along the Saline BayouWhen I first opened the boots I was a little disappointed. The boots I received where not the same as the boots pictured in the

For the last week or so I have been carrying around a Gerber Crucial Multi-Tool. The folks at OutdoorPros.com were kind enough to send me one to review. I admit that I haven’t been able to take the tool on any outdoor adventures…but then again the tool seems to be more of an everyday multi-tool then a backpacking tool.At first look the Gerber Crucial is a very attractive tool. The charcoal and green colors are unique and give the

Some time ago I tested a new Anti Stink Technology from Agion Active. By participating in this gear test I was automatically entered into a contest to win an all expense paid vacation through Glacier Guides to Glacier National Park. In order to win I have to get the most votes on my Agion Active Profile Page.As I write this I am in third place with 370 votes. I need more then 140 votes to take the lead. The contest

Katadyn Hiker and Inlet Tube. (output tube not shown)I have to say…I love my Katadyn Hiker Micro Filter. I have been using my Katadyn Hiker for more than 3 years on a wide variety of backpacking and overnight kayaking trips. Any time I know fresh water will be available on the trail…I throw it into my bag. My filter has processed countless gallons of water without a single filter change. Katadyn claims it can filter up to 200 gallons of