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My Life Outdoors

My Life Outdoors is now MyLifeOutdoors.com

After almost a year of patiently keeping my eye on mylifeoutdoors.com it has finally become available. From this point on the My Life Outdoors URL is www.mylifeoutdoors.com. The previous url, which was http://my-life-outdoors.blogspot.com, will now redirect to www.mylifeoutdoors.com. The blog will still be hosted on blogger, but thanks to some great blogger features, now has a custom domain name.

If you feel so inclined please update any links or blogrolls that feature My Life Outdoors to the new domain: www.mylifeoutdoors.com.

As you might imagine…changing domain names requires a little bit of adjustment time. I officially switched over to the new domain last night at 10:00 pm. If you have any trouble accessing My Life Outdoors please allow 48 for all servers to be updated with the new domain. until then I fully appreciate your patience and understanding.

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  • T. Chris

    January 18, 2011

    Very cool Blog! I just decided over the weekend to begin a blog about my outdoor activities (mostly bowhunting and kayak fishing) and I was researching names I would like to use and I came across your blog and that also led me to the Outdoor Blogger Network. Congrats on getting your domain name. If you take pity on me, you are welcome to visit my newbie blog at http://an-outdoor-adventure.blogspot.com/ . I am sure I will be back to your blog often as it looks like it has a wealth of great info.

  • Steven

    January 18, 2011

    T. Chris,

    Pity has nothing to do with it. I love finding and reading new blogs. Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to reading An Outdoor Adventure.

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