New Spot Connect – Turn Smartphones into Personal Satellite Communicators

You may have heard of the Spot Locater Beacon. Spot LLC has made great strides in making personal locater beacons affordable to the general public. They have also come out with some unique products by teaming up with DeLorme to create the DeLeorme PN-60w. Now spot has gone one step further and created Spot Connect. Spot Connect is a spot locater beacon that connects via Bluetooth to your smart phone.

Simply download the Spot Connect app and your smart phone will be able to access internet through Globalstar’s satellite network from just about anywhere on the globe. While it is unclear whether you will be able to have full access to the internet Spot claims you will be able to send e-mail, a text message (that includes your GPS coordinates), and even update Facebook and Twitter in the backcountry. In addition to all this the Spot Connect also has an emergency SOS button that will alert rescue authorities of your position in emergencies. The SOS button will work with or without cell phone Bluetooth connection.

While it is debatable whether or not you would want to be connected to your social networks while in the backcountry…the possibility is intriguing. How cool would it be to update your Facebook Status with “Just reached the Summit of Mount Elbert, Colorado.” At least the Spot Connect is limited to one way communication which means you may be able to send a text message or e-mail but you can’t receive them.

As of right now Spot Connect has not been approved by the FCC. Sells will not begin until FCC approval. Spot LLC expects the Spot Connect will be available at the end of January.MSRP is $169.00 plus a needed $99 a year service plan.

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1 thought on “New Spot Connect – Turn Smartphones into Personal Satellite Communicators”

  1. Very nice post. I've yet to use a GPS unit in the woods. I have an older (brand new) Garmin unit, which I have done nothing with except locate satellites once. I hope to start geocaching at some point because it looks like so much fun.

    I think I'm scared of them because they have batteries, which fail…but I suppose as long as you know how to use your backup tools (good old compass and map)…why not have fun with a GPS…right?


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